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Life...Chapter X : We're having a baby?

I slowly began to stir as the first morning’s sunlight began to peak through the cracks in the blinds. I sat up, stretched, and let out a big yawn. Suddenly, I felt an uncomfortable warmth, as a massive wave of nausea washed over my body. With my left hand over my stomach and my right hand over my mouth, I sprinted to the bathroom, dropped to my knees, and made fast friends with the porcelain throne.

In retrospect, I had been having symptoms for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t until that moment that I wondered...

Could I be… ? Was I really…?

We had been trying for five long years. I'd had these feelings before only for it to be another disappointment. I hesitantly opened the cabinet door and pulled out a little stick that would reveal the future. I opened the First Response package as quietly as possible so I wouldn’t alert my husband, although he had soundly slept through my little 50-yard dash minutes earlier.

Sitting upon my good friend, I performed the test according to the instructions on the box and replaced the cap. Instead of laying it flat for 3 minutes, I held it out in front of me with my hand trembling, awaiting its results. I watched as the sample was absorbed and worked its way across the screen. One pink line appeared and seconds later there it was, a second pink line! My heart skipped a beat, maybe 2, while I sat in amazement and awe.

What about you? When you saw those two pink lines, that blue plus sign, or the unmistakable word “positive” staring at you, what was that moment like for you?

Whether that moment was met with overwhelming joy and excitement, a measure of happiness mixed with a tinge of anxiety, or even a sense of dread, we realize you’re going to need support for what the next few days, weeks, and months will bring.

While you may have your spouse or partner by your side, family, and some friends, we know that they have limited experience and insight for what you will be going through. While their intentions will likely be good, their advice or suggestions may be riddled with bias and even a bit of judgement, especially if you’re planning on doing things differently from the way they would do them.

At Atlanta Family Doulas, we support you as this new chapter of your life unfolds. We create a comfortable and safe environment for you to explore your options and help you form your personal philosophies surrounding birth and early parenting. We affirm your decisions and cheer you on as you gain more and more confidence in your new role.

The hardest part of parenting isn’t sleep deprivation or colic. The hardest part of parenting is feeling like you’re doing it all by yourself. With Atlanta Family Doulas by your side, you never have to feel that way. We’ve always got your back!

Contact us today to build a support team that will help your family’s story have the makings of a best seller!


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