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Postpartum Doula Support

As the pregnancy and birth chapter of your book of life is completed, a new chapter is ready to begin.


With your baby as the lead character and you in the support role, one must ask, who will support you??

Your partner? Absolutely!
Family and friends? Of course!

The will come and meet your baby! They will offer a meal! They may even fold a load of laundry!

But, do they understand the nuances of the delicate postpartum period? The emotionality of the experience? Would they recognize what is "normal" during your recovery and what is beyond the scope of "normal"?? Are they current on the research regarding infant feeding? Sleep? Or other relevant newborn care topics? 

Friends and family bring their own experiences to you. Their own biases, and sometimes...even their own judgments. 

Atlanta Family Doulas brings up-to-date evidence that supports your parenting philosophies and desires while providing a comforting, nurturing environment where you can explore yourself as new parents and delve into the wonderment of your newborn. 

It's been said by new parents that having a postpartum and infant care doula from AFD made such a difference that they can't imagine ever having a baby without us! This is our biggest compliment to date!

Your instincts, coupled with our support will help you turn this chapter of your life into a bestseller!!!

Our expertise includes:

  • A robust understanding of all parenting philosophies

  • A comprehensive understanding of postpartum recovery, both the physical and the emotional

  • A unique ability to recognize the early signs and symptoms of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders

  • Nuanced comfort, care, and affirming techniques that contribute to you becoming your most confident self

  • All methods of infant feeding which includes our ability to troubleshoot issues in real-time

  • Newborn care, including swaddling, dressing, and soothing

  • Sleep for you and your newborn

  • And so much more!


Our postpartum & infant care doula services are available to you during the day or overnight!

Sometimes the postpartum period includes a little anxiety, high/low emotional shifts, frustration, and even complete overwhelm. As unfortunate as that is, some of it is quite normal...What isn't normal is to expect that you would navigate it all without support.

The Atlanta Family Doulas family embraces you as you grow your family. We are a phone call or contact form away. We invite you to contact us with your questions, concerns, wishes, or simply because you need a compassionate voice on the other end of the phone. We've been there...and we understand!

Contact us today and let's put the support plan in place that will enable you and your family to thrive!

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