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Welcome to Atlanta Family Doulas where we recognize that the strength of a family comes directly from the strength of its parents. 

Most people would say, “you’re having a baby”, but here we excitedly say,
“you’re growing a family!”
We’re thrilled that you found us, and we believe that nothing happens by coincidence. 

Birth and early parenting are not isolated events in a person’s life.
They are parts of a family’s history.
The memories of these events; the stories of each birth and each baby will be told and retold many times throughout the years and will be remembered forever.

At Atlanta Family Doulas we help families write amazing stories that they will
cherish for a lifetime.

We know that the best birth and baby stories are written when
parents embrace these 3 principles!

The patience to navigate through your pregnancy, allowing each moment to gently unfold before you.

The knowledge that will empower you to make important decisions and be confident parents with every capability at your disposal.

Recognizing that the expert non-judgmental support from an unbiased professional will benefit you, your partner, and your baby.




In today's ever-changing, fast paced world, judgment and bias run rampant. But, this is your story and you deserve to be seen and heard every step of the way.

What matters to you, is what matters most. So, let's slow things down a bit and think this over.

At Atlanta Family Doulas we focus on reducing anxiety and strengthening parents by providing physical, emotional and educational support.



Having physical comfort provided to you during labor creates an unparalleled experience. Knowing that as things intensify your doula will have solutions is one of the most sought after benefits of doula support!



Knowledge is the key to preparedness and your doula will arm you with the information that equips you to feel confident and empowered. Your path to achieving your birth plans will become remarkably clearer and more purposeful!



We understand that this is a uniquely personal journey. How you will feel before and during birth is not predictable. However, having the emotional support to process these feelings in real time makes all the difference in the world!

We had no issues during the birth of our son--I have great memories and hoping to stay with Atlanta Family Doulas (formerly North Atlanta Concierge Doulas) through the years. Tamara handles everything with poise and I felt safe. She knew my birth plan and was patient with my philosophies and wishes. I have confidence to birth our future babies under the care of this company.

Valerie S.

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