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Labor Doula Support

Thank you for considering the professional support of Atlanta Family Doulas as your family expands! This is not just the birth of your baby, it's the expansion of your family! And you get to do it while feeling safe, nurtured, and affirmed!


Having one of our doulas present during your birth can significantly reduce stress and improve your experience. It's been proven time and time again!


               Your voice being heard.
               Your questions being answered.

               Your comfort and safety being prioritized.

               And you, thriving as a new parent.

You don't have to face the challenges of labor and birth with unanswered questions, concerns or the anxiety that has for so long been commonplace during pregnancy...

Atlanta Family Doulas' support begins with your private doula prenatal visit where you spend time with your dedicated doula and meet your designated back-up doula. You'll share your birth philosophies and wishes, and a support plan will be created to help bring your wishes to fruition.

Your doula will paint a picture of childbirth possibilities from the onset of labor to your baby being safely placed in your arms. They will introduce every option available to you surrounding each step of the process. Your thoughts, fears, concerns and preferences will get the attention they deserve and you will have a clear picture of what to expect on labor day! 

During labor your doula's focus will be on providing comfort and information. Your doula will:

  • Answer your questions in real time will fact based evidence

  • Offer comforting massage to help ease discomfort and relieve tension

  • Demonstrate breathing and meditation techniques to enable relaxation

  • Introduce positional changes to assist with the progression of labor

  • Affirm and encourage you as you navigate the process of labor

  • Assist your partner as they work to comfort and support you

Evidence proves that having doula support shortens labor times, reduces the risk of interventions, and improves your overall satisfaction with the experience.

But, having doula support from Atlanta Family Doulas proves that you'll accept nothing but exceptional care when it comes to your support! Contact us today to discuss your desire for professional labor support!

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