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Iron Sharpens Iron

Things are hard, but you know what? You can do hard things. We tell ourselves this all the time. I see it every time someone mentions they’re having difficulty with something in any one of my numerous mommy groups. Hey Mama! You’re strong! Even when you don’t feel like it, you keep going and you keep showing up for everyone around you. These affirmations are good, but really, what good are they when you feel like you’re barely hanging on by a thread? How are you doing when the day has chewed you up and the night has spit you out but you have a pair of gorgeous, wide and energy-filled eyes gazing up at you?

Who is showing up for you, when you’re at the end of your rope and even the most menial task takes every ounce of your being to complete? Who is coming to the rescue when the flame you had in the morning started to flicker and go out by lunch time?

It takes a village, they said, but where are they?

Sometimes it’s not a village. Sometimes it’s just another person, strong, just like you, who sees you, who hears you, and who rubs you just the right way when the edge you once had starts to dull.

At Atlanta Family Doulas, we see you. We hear you. And we’re not afraid to give a you a good rubbing if it means restoring you to a place where you can easily cut through the chaos.

Have you heard the old adage of “iron sharpening iron”. If not, what it means is that strong people need strong people. This is especially true when monumental things like having  a baby comes and rocks your world in the most bewildering way.

Contact us today and let’s start working on getting your edge back!

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